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Inova Biomedical Internship in Chronic Diseases

The Inova Biomedical Internship in Chronic Diseases provides George Mason University undergraduate students with the opportunity to work one-on-one with medical care providers and scientists in a semester-long research program. The program is carried out in state of the art facility with mentors seeking to stimulate intellectual independence, critical and analytical thinking skills, and foster professional growth in their students. Regular scheduled laboratory and individual meetings help students get consistent and frequent guidance from the mentor. Ability to speak and interact with large number of mentors and graduate students offer a unique chance to learn and explore new career opportunities.

Five internship opportunities are available at Inova Fairfax Hospital for students to engage in a variety of the research activities that will include lab techniques like RT-PCR, ELISA, cell culture, immunohistochemistry, data analysis and scientific review writing. This is an excellent opportunity for students to 1) apply knowledge learned in textbooks to solve hypothesis driven questions, 2) enhance scientific writing and communication skills, 3) search and review scientific literature, 4) analyze, interpret and present results and 5) receive personal and professional guidance 6) present findings to scientific community through undergraduate student conferences. Participants may be afforded the terrific opportunity to become co-authors on peer reviewed literature and receive letters of recommendation.

Course Credit:

  • Students can earn 0-3 BIOL 495/ BIOL 497 course credits for successful completion of the internship program.
  • A minimum of 8 hours/week is required to fulfill internship program requirements regardless of the number of course credits earned.
  • In addition to a minimum of 8 hours of research, it will be mandatory for participants to attend Inova orientation, weekly meetings, COS undergraduate poster symposium, and draft a research paper.

  • Fall Application Deadline: May 26th, 2017
  • Important! Internship correspondence email is now

  • Program Information:Internship Program Details

  • Application: Application Fall 2017

  • Students will receive notification of acceptance via email

  • Application Process:
    1. Previous applicants and participants are eligible to apply to the program.
    2. Upon acceptance, the applicant will receive acceptance packet via the email address provided.
    3. Applicant is expected to complete all the required trainings (Inova orientation, Lab Safety Trainings) prior to the lab orientation date.
    4. Applicant will be assigned a project on day of lab orientation.
    5. Applicant will finally need to submit forms listed below before the last day to add classes to register for credits .

  • Additional Forms:

  • Information For Enrollment To BIOL495/497
  • Project Approval Form Spring 2014(BIOL495/497)

  • Please direct any questions to