Center for the Study of Chronic Metabolic and Rare Diseases



    Dr. Rohini Mehta (Ph.D) :"A Role of Visceral Adipose and Gastric Tissue in Inflammatory Conditions Associated with Metabolic Syndrome"
    Dr. Sandra Page (Ph.D):""Novel Biomarkers For Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Associated Symptoms"
    Dr. David Armistead (Ph.D) : "Differential Expression of microRNAs in the Visceral Adipose of Patients with NASH, Pericellular Fibrosis and Type II Diabetes"
    Dr. Mohammed Jarrar (Ph.D):"A role of proinflammatory cytokines produced by excessive adipose in the development of the Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis"
    Dr. Michael Estep (Ph.D):"A role of the adipose in the liver fibrosis development"
    Dr. Manpreet Randhawa (Ph.D):"Ectopic synthesis of melanin in adipose from morbidly obese subjects"
    Dr. Ganiraju Manyam (Ph.D):"In silico study of the expression patterns associated with tumor development"
    Massih Abawi (PhD in Bioscience):"Vitamin D levels Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) patients correlate with apoptosis and serum levels of M30"
    Lei Wang (PhD in Bioscience):"Distance Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns".Co-advised by Dr. Boris Veytsman (SSB, CoS)
    Dr. Massih Abawi (Ph.D):"Hormonal imnalance in morbidly obese bariatric patients with liver steatosis and non-alcoholic hepatitis"
    Dr. Afshin Sohrabi (Ph.D):"Arthritic cell based assay model for measuring inflammatory response to therapeutic agents"


    Shanna Bolden (MS):"Gut microbiota, inflammatory cytokines and gut hormones as confounding factors in the progression of the obesity"
    Elizabeth Nohelty (MS):"C6ORF173 as an oncogene crucial for the progression of the breast carcinoma"
    Amanda Zirzow (MS):"Nanoscale DNA/protein baskets for efficacious delivery of siRNA particles"
    David (Nick) Shanan (MS):"The physiological effects of transporting proteins and their putative link to obesity"
    Stephen King (MS):"Real-time PCR as confirmation of microarray analysys in studies of differential gene expression in adipose tissue and ovarian carcinomas"
    Lance Batchelor (MS):"A possibility of theraputic siRNA delivery inside DNA baskets"
    Elizabeth Eom (MS):"Preservation of serum and mRNA samples for downstream high-throughput studies"
    Haveesh Sharma (MS):"Expression of miRNAs and genes for miRNA processing proteins in patients with various forms of chronic liver disease"
    Sarath Banu Krishna Murthy (MS in Bioinformatics): "An analysis of co-expression patterns of KCNRG gene using Oncomine"
    Timothy Stotish (MS):"Brown adipose tissue in human obesity and metabolic syndrome: A systematic review"
    Thuy Tran (MS):"Molecular Interactions of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) With Metabolic Syndrome and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)"
    Anima Sharma (MS): "A Study of RNA Editing in Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Endotheliocytes by NextGen Sequencing"
    Leah Byars (MS):"Investigations Into the Association of IL28B Genotype and the Metabolic Profile of Patients With and Without Chronic Hepatitis C"
    Amir Shamsad (MS in Bioinformatics) :"Role of environmental factors in prevelance of Breast Cancer"
    Christine McGown(MS) :"An exploration of possibility that RNA editing state of TLR receptors in plasmacytoid dendritic cells relates to their cytokine production"
    Kianoush Jeiran (MS in Biology):"Mitochondrial Haplogroups In Obese Patients Predisposed To Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD)". Co-advised by Dr. Rohini Mehta (INOVA)
    Jennifer Frost (MS in Biology): "Design and Validation of Primers for Accurate Analysis of Role of Chemokines CCL4 and CCL21 on FAS mediated NF-kb Pathway"
    Supol Phalalong (MS in Biology):"Comparative study of the performance of publicly available genome assembly tools using plasmodial genomes"Co-advised by Dr. Harsha Rajasimha (Strand Genomics)
    Melissa Miller (MS in Biology):To be Determined
    Chris Yesmont (MS in Biology):"A phylogenomic analysis of the Trumpeter (Cygnus buccinator) and Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus)".Co-advised by Dr. Pat Gillevet (ESP, CoS)
    Kevin Arvai (MS in Bioinformatics):"Prioritization of NGS tumor suppressor gene candidates for familial Esophageal Carcinoma"
    Greg Rice (MS in Bioinformatics): "The comparative genomics of DLEU7, a longevity gene candidate"
    Allison Heath (MS in Biology):To be determined
    Michelangelo Orciga (MS in Biology):" The Role of Leptin and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 in the Interplay Between Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS"
    Keerthi Gullapalli (MS in Biology):"Mitochondrial DNA mutations in PBMCs of patients with age-related pathologies"
    Andrew Riggleman (MS in Biology):"The detection of 8-oxodeoxyguanosine in mitochondrial DNA"
    Maria Keaton(MS in Biology):"A study of the inflammation and the brown adipose tissue embedded in visceral adipose of obese patients"
    Purnima Pyarasani (MS in Bioinformatics):"Effect of artificial sweeteners on gut microbiota"
    Anudeep Sharma Marupaka (MS in Bioinformatics):"PrimerBot – specific primer design application with BLAST algorithm"
    Mahder Teka (MS in Bioinformatics):"Systematic Analysis of the Top 15 mutated genes in NSCLC"


    Caitlin Koob (BS)
    Sweta Sedhai (BS)
    Zain Asif (BS)
    Brianda Beverly (BS)
    Scarlett Koga (BS)
    Ali Moosvi (BS)
    Ricky Quoc Tran (BS)
    Chris Gerner (BS)
    Rehan Ahmed (BS)
    Alejandra Tellez (BS)
    Faris Siso (BS)
    Mariam Abuagla (BS)
    Nayeem Hossain (BS)
    Allison Medwin (BS)
    Sadaf Bangash (BS)
    Mujahida Mahmoodi (BS)
    Erika Stolworthy (BS)
    Hannah Choi (BS)
    Livpreet Singh (BS)
    Panov Ivan (BS)
    Jones Fauzia (BS)
    Kamel Fanous Irene (BS)
    Mamatova Shahnaza (BS)
    Goodacre Norman (BS)
    Thipkesone Simanivanh (BS)
    Darshan Desai (BS)
    Reem Alhussain (BS)
    Anima Sharma (BS)
    Ganesh Sundar (BS)
    Richesh Guragain (BS)
    Amy Yu (BS)
    Amna Bibi (BS)
    Nhut Pho (BS)
    Arpan Neupane (BS)
    Catherine Nguyuenngo (BS)
    Amir Mohammadhasami (BS)
    Paige Tedrick (BS)
    Nabila Ahmed (BS)
    Armandeep Singh (BS)
    Lilian Heslop (BS)
    Neil Shelat (BS)
    Kendall Bielak (BS)
    Danielle Zimmet (BS)
    Katie Gwilliam (BS)
    Kyeona Jones (BS)
    Leo Druker (BS)
    Murad Alfaqih (BS)